i've been obsessed with conway's game of life, and more specifically, reversing it. conx can, given a reversible board, reverse it. if the board can't be reversed, conx will let you know.

github project


fun with svg. generators to make some backgrounds. if you peek at the source, you can find a seed to share. if you need to rasterize it, try batik.




fun with css. an abstract clock using js, svg, and canvas. i was inspired by the obtuse designs at tokyoflash. makes for a neat phone screensaver, i guess.





sprite evolver

a work in progress. a learning experience with js and canvas. draw a sprite in the big box, and hit space to generate mutant clones. click a mutant clone to make it the new big sprite.

click here to try it


the vigenere, or lewis & clarke, cipher, is similar to the caesar, or rot13, cypher. uses Tkinter to provide a simple interface for encrypting and decrypting short phrases. really, more of an experiment to learn about Tkinter than anything else.

craigslist grader

three pieces work together to go pull the top hundred resume posts from craigslist for a few cities, use BeautifulSoup to extract just the relevant text, and then grade it with the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level formula. try it out, and see how your city does.

this website

i needed a website when i finished school. i needed a dotcom i could pronounce, that i could point people to when they wanted to find me. it's taken several forms over the years. i've used php before (not now), and strange color schemes like pink on white.

you're already here. thanks for visiting.


The name came to me in a dream I had a few years ago. As happens, I forget most of the details, except that the slumberheart is the you that's awake when you're asleep. The less you sleep, the stronger it gets. I learned this lesson years ago.

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